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Hydrogen rich water machine electrolysis hydrogen rich water, drink good looking woman

Hydrogen rich water machine electrolysis hydrogen rich water, drink good looking woman
That woman is made of water, one is all right, not only the woman is made of water, all the people around the world are made of water, the human body is 70% water, so that all human beings are made of water. Every human blood and water kept in circulation, but also because there these cycles, we can healthy life every minute, a cycle if there are no people, on behalf of the people has died.
A good skin must be a woman, love to drink water and eat the fruit of the woman, this is absolute, one day need 2000ml normal water, and must supplement the body of vitamin C and vitamin E, if the woman’s skin yellow, dry smell of urine, wrinkles, very obvious symptom is the main reason of premature senescence is the body of excessive free radicals, The new supersedes the old. problems, normal channel size and is The new supersedes the old. human sweat three channels, of course, women are more channels in each month is menstruation, imagine a woman sitting in the office every day, open air conditioning, no sweat, no drink. Coupled with the physiological cycle is not on time, this woman is not a healthy woman, at most is also a healthy woman, a lot of people body produce excessive free radicals, which cause the symptoms caused by all don’t know, in the end It is a serious problem that we realize that we know too little.
Hydrogen rich cup of water in Guangzhou city in water science and Technology Co Ltd (produced water in the cup) electrolytic hydrogen rich water, 2000ml every day, persist for three months, can effectively remove free radicals, plus with fruit, the amount of every woman premature wrinkles, symptoms will soon be eased, the skin will be wake up, restore vitality, so that every woman should know their physical condition and the surrounding environment, free radical increases with the pollution of the surrounding environment, so that premature aging and premature wrinkles of the upper part of the body, a woman had just given birth to look older than 10 years old, these are free to baseband the results of 2000ml every day from the hydrogen rich electrolytic hydrogen rich water to drink water, remove free radicals, beautiful and healthy, make your skin from the back to the young state, this is the dream of every woman the young secret is actually very simple, drink Water, drink plenty of hydrogen rich water.
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hydrogen water maker,bottle,generator and machine

Summary: Olansi is a specialized manufacturer of wide range of airpurifiers to improve the quality of indoor air. It also offers latest water purifiers and hydrogen water makers.
Press Release
China, 17th October, 2016: Air purifying machines play a vital role in filtering out harmful bacteria, dust and dirt particles to make the indoor air suitable for healthy breathing. There are many agencies that are specialized in manufacturing air purifiers based on latest technology. Olansi is one such company that offers top grade air purifiers at competitive prices. The company has its own advanced manufacturing unit where the Research and Development teams in collaboration with the group of experienced engineers offer the best eco-friendly and energy efficient products to consumers. All its air purifying devices arrive with innovative designs, stylish and appealing packages combined with flawless engineering techniques to filer out latest traces of harmful components from indoor air.
The agency has brought out varieties of home air purifier that normally helps in removing unpleasant odors of tobacco smoke, pet smell, beverage etc. These purifiers can eliminate mold, dust, allergy and pollen as well as germs, virus and bacteria. These machines feature an auto air quality control with odor sensor and indicator. These are loaded with ultra-quite DC motor with low electricity consumption and 3000 hours of life time. These machines ensure constant flow of clean fresh air inside the room to offer better sleeping experience and improve human immunity. These purifying machines are ideal for those homes where people are suffering from cardio-respiratory health problems. Through installing such machine, it is possible to facilitate the flow of fresh air inside lungs, heart and brain.
The room air purifier models of this company comprise of advanced HVAC filters to prevent the entry of harmful airborne particles inside the room and to deliver air in a dispersed manner at a relatively slow rate. These filters arrive in various MERV ratings to effectively check the flow of harmful components of indoor air. These filters are usually made of a flat, pleated sheet composed of millions of microscopic fiberglass threads to form a complex maze for trapping airborne particles. The company pays extreme attention to details while manufacturing such air purifying devices especially for indoor rooms.
Its whole house air purifier models are capable of reducing the concentration of ozone through the use of top quality carbon filters. Apart from capturing ozone, these filters are quite efficient in removing odors of cooking smoke and that of burning tobacco products like cigarettes. The company normally accepts payment through PayPal and other secured means of transaction. It uses fastest shipping options of TNT, DHL and others to deliver products within fixed period.
About Olansi
URL Address:
Olansi is a specialized manufacture of china air purifiers, water purifiers and other related products. All its products are based on current international standards. To know more, customers can visit the website of this Chinese company.

Person: Carlos Lee
Company: Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd
Add: Gaosha industrial zone,zhongcun,panyu district,guangzhou,china
Tel: 86-20-86000438
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The source of hydrogen in the body is not only the intestinal bacteria

1 hydrogen is the main component of intestinal gas. Hydrogen produced by intestinal bacteria fermented food, the bloating or colonic mucosa into the circulatory system and excreted through the respiratory system;
2 hydrogen as an anti-inflammatory biological molecules, showing cardiovascular effects and protective tissue damage;
3 respiratory tract, oral cavity, throat, vagina, skin flora and other non intestinal bacteria can produce hydrogen, these may be mediated by endogenous microorganisms affect host health important medium; 4 microbial source of hydrogen may be used as a selective antioxidant protection in different tissues and organs from free radical toxicity.
4 microbial sources of hydrogen may serve as a selective antioxidant to protect different tissues and organs from free radicals
A lot of studies determined that hydrogen is not an inert gas, and it has a very wide range of biological effects, can be used as anti-inflammatory biological molecules involved in protecting the heart and tissue damage. The biological effects of hydrogen in the past do not understand, it is lack of research on hydrogen molecules from different sources and attention, in fact, hydrogen is not only metabolites in Escherichia coli. Metabolic products may also be various other parts of the bacteria to produce hydrogen. In this paper, the non intestinal bacteria were summarized, in order to cause hydrogen biomedicalresearchers attention.
As everyone knows, the body not only the existence of a large number of intestinal bacteria, oral cavity, nasal cavity, respiratory tract, skin and genital pores are widely distributed. There are a large number of bacteria of intestinal bacteria, every day can produce up to 15 litres of hydrogen (this data have different versions), non enteric bacteria can also produce a certain amount of hydrogen, such as oral and pharyngeal bacteria has the ability to produce hydrogen. The distribution has the capability to produce hydrogen in the female reproductive system of Clostridium under normal conditions, because the relative number of lactic acid bacteria more, hydrogen production may be limited. Another possible hydrogen site was respiratory tract, here Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter distribution is to produce hydrogen candidates. There are a lot of skin bacteria, normal skin bacteria Corynebacterium, Acinetobacter and Streptococcus has the ability to produce hydrogen. Now we have these parts of bacteria The students still do not understand hydrogen. These sites bacteria produce hydrogen and healthy relationships are worthy of study. Different parts of the bacteria to produce hydrogen may also play a role in the local, affect the host health. Of course these problems still need to be confirmed by research.

Anion air purifier – Guangzhou Olansi is your best choice

The air purifier, it can effectively remove harmful substances in air purification, to ensure that the indoor air fresh. Negative ion air purifier provides not only clean air, it can also supplement the lack of air, beneficial to human health “air vitamin” – negative oxygen ions.
Purification principle of negative ion air purifier
Negative ion air purifier is different from the traditional mode of purification, but the negative ion divergence produced to the active purifier purifying the air in the air, in order to achieve dust removal, sterilization, odor removal purposes. Compared with other negative ion purifier purifier, it has the advantage is the use of negative oxygen ions to capture and purify harmful substances in the air, negative ions while it emits can keep the body healthy.
Effect of air anion on human health
Research confirmed that the negative oxygen ions like food like vitamins, has a very important effect on the human body and other biological life activities, known as the “air vitamin”, can make people healthy life, so it has the “longevity factor” reputation. Medical research shows that the main effect of negative oxygen ions on people. Are the following:

Respiratory system: the effect of air anion on the respiratory system is particularly significant, because the negative ions through the respiratory tract into the human body, can improve the body’s vital capacity, thereby improving and increasing lung function
Nervous system: air anion can enhance the oxidation process of tissue, so that it can get more oxygen, can make the spirit, improve work efficiency, improve the quality of sleep, strengthen mental activity and cerebral cortex function
Cardiovascular system: air negative ion is the dilation of blood vessels obviously, can relieve artery vasospasm, reduce blood pressure, improve nutrition and cardiac function, beneficial to patients suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients.
1, in the use of negative ion purifier should pay attention to the timely maintenance and cleaning of the purifier, dust collector dust has been filled in time for cleaning
2, when placed in the negative ion purifier placed in the middle of the house, try not to rely on the wall or near the furniture
3, the use of negative ion purifier only need to open the button of the purifier, and set the time it can automatically start working

More important to master the purchasing skills in air purifier

Under the haze, the air purifier industry is the biggest beneficiary, but many residents are the biggest victims of the air purifier sales rising year by year, the air purifier brands on the market, but the words heat air purifier the surge, what “top ten air purifier, air purifier, air purifier which is best”  “a good brand”… .
First, just live in the new house should choose what kind of air purifier?
Live in new users is one of the major consumer groups of air purifier, formaldehyde, and repair the residual toluene, ammonia and radioactive radon, will cause great harm to the human body, must be removed. This is also the reason why they buy air purifiers. So, what kind of air purifier remove harmful gas effect is good? In fact, for harmful gas, the air purifier mainly adopts two ways, one is a kind of adsorption, degradation. Adsorption is on the screen, wherein the activated carbon filter, cold catalyst filter, good photocatalyst filter screen effect. Because these methods have been used for many years, have confirmed the adsorption effect of formaldehyde and other harmful gases. So, the screen more layers, the adsorption effect of formaldehyde gas is better. But the degradation is accomplished in a negative ion, most of the current air net Which brand have been equipped with a negative ion generator, the effect is similar.
Two, haze siege consumers how to choose air purifier?
Suspended particles containing more haze, in which PM2.5 and PM0.3 harm to human body, that is 2.5 microns in diameter and suspended particles less than 0.3 microns. For these particles, but also the use of the filter and the negative ion to purify. Particulate matter is mainly composed of HEPA filter to filter the filter aperture is smaller, the better on the filtration effect of particles. But for the air purifier, HEPA filter is the core, one of the highest cost components. So the air purifier HEPA filter selection is more advanced, the purification ability of corresponding stronger.
Three, how to choose a strong bactericidal air purifier?
Some people are afraid of indoor bacteria and virus harm to their breeding and buy air purifier. For bacteria and other microorganisms, are generally used to degrade the negative ion air purifier, Hansi Dun is also equipped with ultraviolet sterilization system, further improve the effect of killing bacteria.
Summary: These are some important matters consumers should pay attention to in the selection of air purifiers. If there’s no single demand, in the purchase of air purifiers, still have to pay attention to the comprehensive performance, the best parameters can reach a higher level, so as to fully play the purification effect of the machine.

Teach you how to choose more efficient use of air purifiers

With the continuous impact of haze weather and people’s health consciousness increases ceaselessly, the popularity of air purifier rate rising, more and more families choose air purifiers to protect their breath. There are a lot of people say air purifiereffect is very good, some people say the reaction effect is very general, what is the reason?

In addition to not choose cheap shoddy products,
Regular cleaning filter: every half a month or a month of regular purifier of air outlet, air inlet and internal filter properly wipe dust, can prolong the service life of the filter at the same time, it can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of products.
The long-term use of electricity: purifier in use is not able to see the results of short-term, long-term use. And the purifier can purify the limited area, the best in use should be put it across the center or the indoor air port, in order to purify the indoor air of 360 degrees, 30 minutes before opening the machine it is best to use the file or wind open automatic mode, so that the indoor air rapidly through a filter, improve indoor air quality.
Keep the windows closed: the use of air purifiers, in order to avoid outdoor dust germs affect indoor, need to keep the windows closed, but the long-term closed will lead to air and bacteria breeding. So in the sun is relatively abundant, outdoor pollutant content less at noon on the appropriate ventilation window cleaner use is also very good.
Genius: haze some consumers mistakenly believe that the purifier need only one or two hours in the haze day actually useful, in addition to particles in the air, bacteria, formaldehyde and other harmful gases are harmful to human health and air pollutants. So the air purifier needs a long period to open the use to be effective, rather than temporary home appliances.
Do not replace the filter: filter screen of air purifier and water purifier is similar, there is a certain degree of saturation, HEPA filter in haze weather is generally only the longest life of three months, the activated carbon adsorption filter can be generally half of it needs to be replaced, the daily use of the sun exposure is appropriate to extend its service life.
Just look at the PM2.5 :purifier market is hot from the haze weather silue, but this does not mean that cleared PM2.5 reached the air quality qualified. In addition to the air of respirable particulate matter and bacteria and other harmful gases, the purification ability of purifier needs comprehensive aspects to consider the measure.