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HEPA Filter Type and Portable Installation negative ion generator air purifier inquiry from india

Olansi air purifier is a simple device that can have a big impact on your home and the people that live in it. More specifically, indoor air purifiers can be used to improve the quality of the air that you breathe. Plenty of research has been conducted related to the positive effects of these appliances and they have shown to be able to prevent or lessen the symptoms of several medical issues.
So nowadays,more and more people from worldwide buying olansi air purifier.
Today we have received an inquiry about china air purifier from an india customer as below:
I’m looking for “Oem Factory Negative Ionizer HEPA Filter Air Cleaner Home Use 220V Air Purifier” with the following specifications:
Power Source:Electrical
Type: 6 in 1
Installation:Portable air purifier
Certification:Air Purifier
Capacity (CFM):200
Power (W):40
Voltage (V):220
Model:K-08 Hepa Filter Air Purifier
Size:67.5*77.5*16.5 cm
Power sourcing:DC Motor
Shape:Cup shape
Name:Air Purifier
Control type:Key touch
Usage:car / home /office / hotel
I am interested in buying 500 Piece/Pieces.
Please provide us with a quotation.
Thank you.
Davis john

After received this inquiry,we have make a research on this customer,and found him is interested in CCTV Camera,Mobile Phones,Air Purifiers,Wireless Networking Equipment,Mops,Routers,Wood Router,Shopping Bags,Building Glass.
And we olansi is a professional air purifier manufacturer for OEM and ODM customers.
So we give a reply to this customer soon as below:
Dear Davis,
Have a good day.Hope all well for you.This is Elena from Olansi.
Olansi is a professional manufacturer of UV Air Purifier,Water Purifier,Hydrogen Water etc healthcare products, more than 11 year experience with CE, CB, ROSH,FDA
  • * 60,000 m2 own injection mold factory,own filter factory,own mold factory,own assembling factory!
  • * 600 square meter professional laboratory,15 engineers’ R&D team, professional in ODM,OEM,
  • * 3,000 pcs per day of production capacity!
Attachment with our factory catalogs pls check it to see.
China air purifier manufacturer
After you review,can you share your update to me?
Waiting for your comment!
Best Regards,
Elena han
Quality is the soul of our Company
Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipments Co. Ltd
Skype: Olans-elena han/ Whatsapp& Wechat& Mobile : +86 18344396883

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

China Air Purifier Manufacturer Olansi Introduces Portable Home Air Purifier for 360o Protection of a Family

For good health, the indoor air quality plays a significant role. There are many families that rely on air purifiers for fresh and germ free air inside their house. China based Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd has now introduced a Portable Home Air Purifier that is handy and remote-controlled and keeps purifying the air constantly.
air purifier
air purifier
According to the spokesperson of the air purifier manufacturerthey have a variety of air purifiers in their portfolio and this portable air purifier is a simple and effective solution for families that want to breathe in fresh and clean air. This tabletop air purifier comes with an antibacterial filter that can effectively remove microbes, allergens and bacteria from the air and keep it clean, healthy and germs free. The HEPA filter of the purifier can block the entry of dust and fine particles in the home atmosphere.

The spokesperson reveals that this China air purifier has been designed for the household use and its activated carbon filter can rapidly absorb formaldehyde, benzene and odor. Fitted with the UV light, it can also kill virus and bacteria to keep the indoor air safe and healthy for the residents of a house. The air purifier also promotes anion purification, which improves the air quality with multiple health benefits. The air purifier is available in white, blue, green, purple and cream colors with an attractive appearance to keep in the room.

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd specializes in wholesale air purifier with a variety of air purifiers and air cleaners in their portfolio that they can supply in bulk to their clients all over the world. They also accept the OEM production of air purifiers to supply products that can best suit the client requirements. They keep innovating and include upgraded and advanced quality air purifiers in their stock. To know more about their air purifiers and air cleaners, one can visit their website

About Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd

Established in 2009, located in Guangzhou City in South China, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professional air purifier OEM manufacturer. The products of the company contain air purifier, home air purifier, HEPA air purifier, ionizer air purifier, car air purifier, room air purifier and so on. All OEM air purifiers are manufactured in accordance with the CE, ROSH, and CB Certification.
For Media Enquiry –

Contact Person: Daniel Yuan
Telephone: 86-20-86000438

What is hydrogen rich water &Should you give a try?

Maybe a lot of people will come up with tobunches of question marks when told about hydrogen rich water (also called hydrogen water).What is that? Is there such a thing? Why do we never heard of it? What does it do?
hydrogen water maker
hydrogen water maker
In real life, many families do not see the existence of hydrogen water bottle, or hydrogen water machine.It is because we all think that when it comes to drinking water, regular water is fine. In fact, drinking hydrogen-rich water is great for our body and the following is my understanding of hydrogen water.
What is the role of hydrogen water?
  1. It can activate human cells, has anti-aging function, removeharmful substances from the cell membrane or intravascular and inhibitoxygen free radicals.
  2. Ehance the human immune system and improve cell activity.Insisting drinking can prevent you from the cold.
3.It promotes digestion and excretion function, soften the blood vessels, activate mucosal cells, promote peristalsis, conducive to excretion, prevention and improveconstipation.
  1. It has strong penetration, can penetrate the vascular endothelium and other tissues.It removse the sediment, activate the cell tissue, get through the blood, and improve blood circulation.
  2. to improve gastrointestinal function, promote blood circulation and metabolism. Maintain the balance of endocrine, and promote lipolysis.
In addition, hydrogen waterhas a preventive and therapeutic effect on curing diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, cancer lung metastasis, rheumatism, brain tumors, skin diseases, headache, dizziness, blood circulation disorders, kidney disease, women menopausal syndrome, eczema, bronchial, thyroid, insomnia, allergy. It also has a beauty, weight loss and anti-aging effect.
So what is the difference between what we call hydrogen-rich water and alkaline water? Hydrogen water is made from municipal tap water by electrolysis, with relatively highpH concentration . It belongs to weak alkaline water but not alkaline water. And alkaline water is made from baking soda and other alkaline substances which later are dissolved in water. Even it shows the alkaline, but usually contain more sodium ions, which is not suitable for long-term drinking. So be sure to distinguish between alkaline water and alkaline water differences.
In this case how should we drink hydrogen rich water? Hydrogen rich water is supposed to provide human bodies a kind of reactive water that contains electron rich minerals, molecules of small size and low elasticity, rich soluble hydrogen, to remove excess free radicals within the bodies, prevent oxidation and aging. In the beginning of consumption, it is better to start from the lowest ph level 8.0-8.5, drinking less and more frequently. Once your body gets used to the water, you make adjustment according to your physical condition by properly increasing the ph level of the water and drinking frequency. Based on the suggestions made by Alkaline Ionic Water Association of Japan, it is the most effective if you drink at a ph level of 9.5. In fact, it is acceptable as long as the ph level of the water ranges from 8.0 to 10. There is no need solely going for high ph level, but fresh-purified drinking and long-time drinking are the most important.

It is been said that the vegetables and fruits washed with hydrogen rich water will become bright and fresh in color. How can we differentiate the hydrogen rich water from tap water in life? The vegetables and fruits we consume in daily life contain a pigment called anthocyania. Anthocyania turns to red in acidic water and green in weakly alkaline hydrogen rich water. The color of anthocyania tends to be stable when anthocyania combines with metallic salts to form clathrate. That’s why the anthocyania in vegetables and fruits turn to red if vegetables and fruits are washed with acidic water. Green and yellow vegetables become bright green in color when they are cooked or washed with hydrogen rich water. Electrolytic reduction water can be used for spinach, peas, Chinese cabbage and broccoli; while acidic water can be used for cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, red cabbage, egg plants, soybean and asparagus.

Can hydrogen rich water degrade pesticide if it is used to wash vegetables and fruits? More or less there are pesticide or chemical fertilizer left on the vegetables and fruits sold in the market. However, it is impossible to verify the real residue. The pesticide or chemical fertilizer can be mostly degraded if vegetables and fruits are soaked in the richest hydrogen water for 10-20 minutes.

Some people are not used to drink cold water in life. Can people drink hydrogen rich water after it is boiled ? The hydrogen rich water after electrolytic reduction has plenty of soluble hydrogen that is effective in anti-oxidation and removing free radicals that cause diseases. During the boiling process, most of the soluble hydrogen is lost and small molecule cluster water turns into bigger molecule cluster water, so that the solubility and penetrability are affected. Simultaneously, rich ionic state minerals react with carbon dioxide to produce calcium carbonate adhering to the surface of the container, with a result of decreasing the body absorption of minerals. Therefore, direct drinking is the best way for your health. If the weather is cold, you can slightly heat the water to around 40℃ but no higher than 60℃, as long as it is not cold tasted by your mouth. Or you can mix the cold water with a bit hot water. In this way, soluble hydrogen, the most valuable in the electrolytic reduction water wouldn’t been greatly lost.

Some may have asked whether the hydrogen rich water can be used for rice cooking. The answer is yes. It is because the hydrogen rich water is alkaline that to some extent it can decompose starch into sugar and promote starch dextrinization. Therefore, the rice cooked with hydrogen water becomes more crystal clear, soft, sticky and tasty. It is most effective if the rice is cooked with electrolytic reduction water with ph level of 8.5 to 9. If the ph level of the water is too high, it stiffens the rice. It should be noted that the functions of the hydrogen rich water like anti-oxidation, high penetration, and high solubility play to the fullest after high temperature cooking. Especially in making soup, the nutrition is easier to be released from food into the soup, so that it can increase the absorption of nutrition and decrease the loss of ingredients.

Life is all about movement and movement depends highly on water consumption. Water is a key element of our survival. The hydrogen rich water is the best choice for our future. The time of hydrogen rich water has come. Instead of waiting, let’s have a try.
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Guangzhou Zenfly Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. - Air purifier,Water Purifier

air purifier's insight:
Olansi, a China-based company, is offering air cleaners, air purifiers and air filters of the highest quality. They are a professionally managed OEM and in their air cleaner factory, they have put in place all the required equipments for making high quality items. The company offers the best Hepa Air Purifier and Home Air Purifier. They also make car air purifiers, water purifiers, water dispensers, and Hydrogen water makers. They make all possible efforts to know the needs of of the market before they do their product planning. They then innovate for making the right items that suit the needs of their customers.

For Media Contact:
Company name: Olansi
Adress: Gaosha Industrial Zone, Zhongcun, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China
Tel: 0086-20-86000438

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Guangzhou Olansi air purifier manufacturer has been an OEM/ODM manufacturer of air purifier

Guangzhou Olansi air purifier manufacturer has been an OEM/ODM manufacture of home air purifier and wholesale air purifier in China since its foundation in 2009. As located in Panyu,Guangzhou, OLANSI has been supported by the local government with a series of favorable policy, such as tax-free for the import raw materials and one-stop service for export custom declaration.
Our products are of excellent quality and safety, which are guaranteed by international approvals, such as UL, RoHS, CE, GS, PSEM KSm, etc. International quality enables our products well sold in more than 30 countries over the world. We provide ourselves to be the first air purifiers and ion generator UL approved firm in China! (Approved by UL official website) ISO9001 system, certificated by the world famous strictest firm DNV, is strictly practiced in every process. Advanced management such as, PCM (provision chain management), CRM (customer relation management), CSM (customer satisfaction management), etc. are practiced to maintain efficiency and best service.
To keep pace with the ever-changing market demand of quality control, OLANSI adopts RoHs management system and applies RoHs certification for products. OLANSI also attaches great importance to Intellecture Property protection. At present more than 100 patents we own.
We range first for categories and sales volume of air purifier in China and keep innovative R&D to up with the international frontier. Supported by the strongest R&D team which is built up by the most competitive engineers from different technical fields of air purification, more than 20 updated new models are released annually, many of which are the best sellers in the international markets. OEM/ODM experience since our foundation, we are now cooperating with many big brands in many countries, many of which are the top 500 in the world. OLANSI operations extend throughout the world. It has clients in over thirty countries including USA, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Spain, Korea and Japan.
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Air purifier brand is in power, Olansi Air Purifier OEM enter into small and medium enterprises to choose

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures a variety of air and water purifiers. The company is based in China. The company has been providing services to its customers around the world.

When the haze became “new weather”, the air purifier market crowded. At present, the popular brands are the original home appliance industry’s well-known brands, and dedicated to the china air purifier manufacturer to do business, the market is still relatively small. Chinese consumers in the purchase of such “new technology products”, but also more inclined to well-known brands. So, this formed a phenomenon: well-known brand prices sell well; nameless brand even the opportunity is very small.
Air purifier market brand in power
It is reported that in 2014, China air purifier retail sales are expected to reach 3.6 million units, sales will exceed RMB 9 billion , which is a very exciting number. At present, the industry like Philips, Samsung, Asia and other domestic and foreign brands are sought after by consumers.
I recently interviewed a number of enterprises to do air purifier. Of course, those enterprises although not very famous like we mentioned in above, but their living conditions, it is the reaction of the development of the industry. At present, many of the emerging enterprises for small and medium are doing air purifiers, some imitation of the appearance, imitation technology; some are directly to do low-cost products, and these are also the largest on the market a class of purifiers.
In Taobao, the author also tried to search the “air purifier”, the page out of the product in addition to thousands of dollars, there is a large part of the beautiful small purifier, and the price is only about RMB 100, some lower , And on the brand, it is hundreds of species have. So cheap products, buy people still have. And like a TCL a price of RMB 732 for the air purifier week sales of 2329, the highest in the sales show, the other as the United States, Philips and other sales are also high.
The above phenomenon and data show that the current air purifier market, brand messy, the price varies. Well-known brands are more popular, and the price of RMB 1,000 – RMB 2000 in product sales the best. This shows that the air purifier this market, the brand is still in power.
OEM is also a good choice
In the context of the development of the brand in power, many small and medium enterprises feel bad to do. Some companies do their own brands have said: This market is great, but to open, really a bit difficult,
According to Zhongyikang market retail sales data show that from January to May this year, the domestic air purifier market, the international brand sales accounted for up to 81.99%, up 1.54% over the same period last year, sales of the top five brands are Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, Asia and Whirlpool. Foreign brands of products are generally higher than the price of domestic brands a length. And consumers are willing to pay for the high price.
Olansi is a professional OEM air purifier business, business-related responsible person said: the current market to do a new brand is not mature enough to do OEM, although low profits, but still can be developed. And other technology is mature, the market development is ripe, and then into the licensing of the road, this will be more with less. Indeed, the current market to do their own brand, in addition to the market has been outside, some unknown small brands, even the opportunity is not, was eliminated by the market.
Air purifier why so many companies want to share, in addition to low cost, profit, there is an important factor, it is a great market development space. For the current market penetration rate are less than 0.5% in this line, So futures development is immeasurable.
In fact, how’s the effect of air purifier, According to compare with foreign brands and domestic brands, We has found except the brand value, the technology also have controversial. However, as for the current market, the industry also need more people to guide the industry to the correct development in the future, air purifier can be the same as abroad used to millions of households, so that health has become the daily needs of consumers.
About Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a company based in China that is involved in the manufacture of air and water purifiers as well as disinfectant water machines. To know more about their products, please visit their website.
Person: Daniel Yuan
Company: Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd
Add: Gaosha Industrial Zone,Zhongcun,Panyu District,Guangzhou,China
Tel: 86-20-86000438

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Olansi Air Purifiers Help Users to Breathe Clean Air

The news that Olansi, a China-based OEM company, is making and supplying various types of indoor air purifiers may be music to the ears of those who are health conscious and who want to breathe clean air. Some of the types of air purifiers they offer are home air purifiers, air filters and air cleaners. They offer water purifiers, water dispensers, and Hydrogen water makers as well. Since they always strive to manage their company professionally, they carry out their operations systematically.
Olansi gives an assurance about the impeccable quality of the products they offer including their Hepa air purifiers. They are always focused on perfectly fulfilling the needs of their customers and hence, they gather inputs from several sources including their partners. That is the reason they make all possible efforts to cooperate with their partners and maintain a good relationship with them.
The inputs their partners give them help them create plans about their products, says OLANSI. They then innovate the best ways to fulfill the needs of their customers perfectly.
The company adds that among the competitive solutions they offer, the one pertaining to tap water purification treatment stands apart. They proudly point out that they slogged for about five years for finding this solution because they always feel that they have to fulfill their responsibility towards customers who repose faith in them. That is why they give utmost importance to the quality of the products they offer. Simply put, being an OEM company, they want to ensure that their customers get the best value for the investments they make for buying their air purifiers.
OLANSI adds that they have customers from nearly 20 countries in various regions of the world. Since they afford utmost importance to customer satisfaction, they have been showered with several honors and awards including the “China Quality Miles”, “Chinese famous brand quality products”, “AAA grade credit quality of service enterprises”, and “China ten thousand at ease drinking water engineering service provider.” The certifications they have obtained are “China Compulsory Certification 3C”, and the “ISO9001 : 2008 international quality system certification.”
They offer only environmentally-friendly products, says the OEM company that offers air purifiers. With an aim to offer what their customers want and also to serve their customers impeccably, they ask feed-backs from their customers by constantly communicating with them. They communicate constantly with their employees, business associates and suppliers also for gathering inputs about their customers’ needs.
About Olansi
Olansi, a China-based OEM company, is making and supplying various types of air purifiers. Some of the types of air purifiers they offer are wholesale air purifiers, air filters, and air cleaners. They offer water purifiers, water dispensers, and Hydrogen water makers as well. Since they always strive to manage their company professionally, they carry out their operations systematically. The company gathers inputs from various sources for knowing the needs of their customers and provide them with the right products.
For Media Contact:
Company name: Olansi
Address: Gaosha Industrial Zone, Zhongcun, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China